Even Armani doesn’t get it on smartwatches

Let’s get this out of the way first – I love Armani!  I’ve had an Armani suit (loved it!), have several pairs of Armani Jeans (love them) and wear Eau Pour homme (by Armani) of course!  Even so I’m afraid on the smartwatch front Giorgio doesn’t get it yet!

The ART3004 watch heralded on their website is a hybrid, which I can live with – it helps with battery life – but it offers me absolutely no incentive to replace my Rolex.

So I can track my activity goal throughout the day with the “sundial”, well so what?

Apparently I can set up “subtle notifications” – well actually I want clear notifications, the sort of thing that the Microsoft Band and Garmin Vivoactives do well, or that Martian watches do also but just not as well!

I still like the approach that Kairos took – albeit for a short time as sadly their website claims the Tband is not available at present (will it ever be again we ask?) – it was such as beautiful looking thing…

One day maybe a manufacturer will actually – GET IT!  But I’m afraid on this occasion Mr Armani, sir, it’s a WTR says NO!



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