Are you dreaming of a wearable Christmas?

As we hurtle towards the 25th and Fitbit are beginning to run their adverts on TV you’d imagine that everyone is dreaming of a wearable Christmas – indeed if you were to read the south China Seas’ Health & Beauty section you’d see this statement…

American College of Sports Medicine’s annual survey of health and fitness professionals worldwide names wearable tech as top trend for 2017, with bodyweight training in second place

But if you were to read the Daily Telegraph (yeah I know, why would you want to?) you see a completely opposite viewpoint…

Wearable technology has failed to live up to the hype

..but then again as the author James Titcomb says – to decades ago, Bill Gates called the internet a novelty – oops!

So why is it that the East thinks it’s fab yet the West has yet to really catch the bug?  Well let’s just check a few things out here:

Brand in the West means cache, power, wealth, status, cool, celebrity – a whole host of baggage that has to be managed.  Brand managers are like guardians who protect the brand from any bad press, they are risk averse and often adopt a strategy of incremental change.  Brand means having patents and lots of lawyers!

Brand in the East means dynamism, mass appeal, fast to market, grabbing a customer base as wide as possible – products and services are delivered with “revolutionary zeal” – if one doesn’t work try another – evolve or die!

Of course over time the differences will blur but right now while the West dithers the East is churning at a rapid rate. Apple may still be an amazing brand identity to follow but the Cult of Cook is not as strong as the Cult of Mac – Tim is not following Steve as easily as T follows S!

What’s needed is a revolution.  The West needs to realise that Xiaomi is to wearable tech what that Aldi/Lidl are to grocery retailing. Faster, better, cheaper!  It needs to make a revolutionary step in wearable design – not a small step along the roadmap but a giant leap forward.

I set out what I wanted a couple of years ago.  First here and then the bigger picture here.

This is the revolution I speak of – the combination of truly excellent product design, a tailorable range of services  delivering real value AND at a price which doesn’t require me to remortgage my house!!


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