Wearable tech market cools? No way!

Wearable tech market cools, as consumers step back?  You what?

I cannot wholeheartedly agree with this statement or with IDC analyst Ryan Reith who says….

The research firm IDC said it expects global sales of wearables to grow some 29.4 percent to some 103 million units in 2016.

That follows 171 percent growth in 2015, fueled by the launch of the Apple Watch and a variety of fitness bands.

“It is increasingly becoming more obvious that consumers are not willing to deal with technical pain points that have to date been associated with many wearable devices,” said IDC analyst Ryan Reith.

Just because Microsoft decides not to release a new Band for us to buy this season there is plenty of action going on in the wearable marketplace and a simplistic reporting of the volume growth avoids the obvious – as a market grows in size it’s perfectly natural that it’s growth reduces over time.  A market of 103 million units is still a pretty big market!!

Now even though I’ll be the first to admit that no-one – and I mean no-one(!!) has cracked the perfect wearable device – no I’m not an Apple Fanboy and even though device manufacturers seem to be operating in niches rather than delivering what some people have been crying out for for ages – blows own trumpetblows own trumpet again there is just so much going on in the marketplace – in so many areas – it’s vibrant you numpties!!!

Let’s have a butchers….


I’ve lost count of the posts and articles saying how fashionistas are cuddling up to techies to make the most of the synergies that exist. From just making the devices look better, to incorporating wearable functionality into shock horror wearable clothing!  [Project Jacquard and Levi’s]

And as fortune magazine pointed out – such is tech’s foothold in fashion that some analysts predict the wearable technology market will be worth $34 billion by 2020.


The use of devices to monitor health is a no-brainer!  Yahoo Finance claims –  The line between pharmaceuticals and technology is blurring as companies join forces to tackle chronic diseases using high-tech devices that combine biology, software and hardware.

(Reuters) – Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd said on Thursday it was collaborating with Intel Corp to develop a wearable technology platform to track the progression of disease in patients with Huntington’s, a fatal degenerative disorder.


Despite some idiots using the word cyborg there is some truly inspiring work going on aimed at combating disability.  Whether it’s a woman completing a half marathon in a robotic exoskeleton, Samsung’s Blind Cap for Paralympic swimmers, low cost bionic hands or the tremor tracking watch for Parkinson’s and ET sufferers, wearable tech innovations are already helping disabled people get by on a daily basis.

As   writing on Wareable.com wrote today

Strike that. Wearables are helping disabled people do more than just get by.

 So I pour scorn on those of who who write that the market is already cooling off/in decline you’re just looking at it in an extremely blinkered way.  Wise up people – wearable technology is here to stay!

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