Apple’s Airpods – are they in fact lemons?

I’m personally delighted to see that Apple has made the move to wireless headphones – or Airpods as they appear to call them.  It’s about time that someone “cut the cord” – but, and it’s a big but this is only a small step for mankind!

Whatever marketing fluff Apple puts on it these new (not sure that stacks up when they look like this) “earables” they are still going to suffer from all the existing woes that Bluetooth delivers.

And they expect me to pay $150 for them!!

And referring back to that image…what has happened to Apple’s usual stunning design skills?  These really look like a last minute prototype – a proof of concept even.  They really do not stack up against…


or these in fact…


And the internet has reacted quite badly to them, not least because the current design seems an open invitation to have them half-inched as the BBC have thoughtfully pointed out..

I’m pleased that they’ve done it – it had to happen sooner or later but guys….why so badly?

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