GoQii proves there’s Life after wearable burn out

“GOQii is not just a product but an Ecosystem comprising 5 elements as illustrated. These have been carefully thought through & researched to help you bring about a positive change in your lifestyle.”

That’s the basic premise of GOQii – it’s about making a lifestyle change – and maintaining it!!

They’re based in California and Mumbai (always will be Bombay to me – ah I remember it well…) and that’s where the service is available.

As they say themselves the service…

combines one-on-one mobile personal coaching and fitness tracking technology to help you shift to a healthier lifestyle and reach your goals. While fitness trackers and apps are useful tools, they are missing the elements of on-going engagement, motivation and accountability. GOQii solves this by connecting and your activity tracker or smart watch to a professional health and fitness coach of your choice via the GOQii app (available on iOS and Android).

So you don’t buy a tracker – you either get their’s free or use your own – there’s a massive list of wearable devices out there that they work with already.

The service is comprised of various segments…

  • Personalized Advice – Track your steps, sleep time, distance and sync with app to send data to your coach
  • Coach backed by Experts – Your coach backed by experts will give you health and nutrition advice based on your health goals
  • Doctor + Data – Get medical consult from qualified doctor and book diagnostic tests via app
  • Health Locker – Store all your prior health records and medical reports safely on cloud
  • Karma – Your steps get converted into Karma points which get donated for a social cause by Karma partners

So there’s elements of Apple and Microsoft’s approach of trying to “grab hold of” your data (kidding chaps!!) plus the support and “direction” of experts all designed to keep you coming back for more.  That’s crucial.  As a subscription model – currently around $29 per month in the US – it’s way cheaper than a gym, way more convenient and more rewarding for you… or in their words….

The foundation of GOQii’s coaching is to help you develop healthy habits that become a part of your lifestyle. These habits are arrived at in collaboration with your GOQii Coach so that they are customized and achievable for you. Your coach will ask you about your specific long-term goals in the realm of health including nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. Together, you and your coach will break that down into small, incremental sustainable habit changes over time help you make a permanent shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

I’m all in favour of this approach.  It’s too easy just to purchase a wearable tracker and start capturing your data but the thing that really adds value (and not just in financial terms) is the actionable alerts, or conversations in this case, that keep you motivated and actually help you reach those goals you’ve dreamt of reaching 🙂

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