Think global? Well damn well act global then!

What is it with the US still believing in a US centric world – first it was Amazon’s Echo only being sold in the US (and therefore only working at its best in the US) – and now we have “good news” from Microsoft for their Band2 users.

“Good news for Microsoft Band 2 owners who pair their wearable with an Android device” you can now get all the benefits that Cortana offered to Wiindows Phone users.

But wait…..

“There are a few minor requirements, namely that Cortana for Android needs to be installed on the connected phone, and users must be in the US. The second is that it seems the Cortana update is only compatible with the Band 2, and not the original Band.”

There it is, the key phrase “users must be in the US” – what a bunch of numpties!

Google is going to cream you guys in this market!!  In the same way that their new Google Home device will cream the Echo, unless Amazon has a change of heart – the same thing will happen to Microsoft.  By making your device a “one nation”, as in US only, device you will inevitably fail.  Your non-US customers will look elsewhere to find the tech they want and/or need.

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