The perfect wearable solution

Despite having to view things from the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean it seems that CES2015 is its usual self – full of bluff, bluster and bombastic rhetoric! Oh and a few new product launches as well! So in an attempt to bring the conversation back this side of the pond I’ve come up what I believe is the perfect solution!

If you were to take the best bits from this lot, starting with my existing rolex
Rolex as the starting point and encapsulating the concept that the Simband most effectively sets out you’d end up with a replacement strap which delivers it all!

Naturally I’ll want it to learn about my normal “biometric” behaviour as it monitors me so it can identify anything “abnormal” and then warn me about it!

It will also be required , via the back end of the service, to provide me with those actionable alerts – not to mention the reason why I need to act upon them – and of course praise when it’s deserved – sorry when I deserve it 🙂


smileyWTRYES! Now go on and make it! And all you 3rd party developers get coding!!  I know it’s going to be expensive – but I don’t care – it does exactly what I want it to do 🙂

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