Far out, or far far away?

As this year comes to a close my thoughts turn to 2015 and what it will hold for us. What will make us say “far out” and what will remain like a fairy tale “far, far away”?

For starters let’s look at The Digital Health Hype Cycle as tweeted by @stedavies aka Stephen Davies of digitalhealth.org.uk where he offers a version of the classic Gartner Hype curve for yes you guessed it Digital Health!


If he’s right, and I’m happy to go along with his perspective then 2015 may not be such a great year for smartwatches – maybe no one can come up with that compelling use case – or in my terms no one can make a convergent utility case!

All in all it’s a pretty pessimistic view of wearable tech – about to head for the trough of disillusionment – oops!  But it’s an overview and within it I’m sure even Stephen will accept that there will be some great successes and some abysmal failures 🙂

OK so let’s try and be a bit more positive and see what might be on the way to brighten up 2015….

To start with thanks to Timothy Snow @SnowinRI who tweeted about Francesco Fumagalli writing in unbits that introduced the Neptune Pine to me.

1402666816754The Neptune Pine is, according to them,  a ground breaking smartwatch. They also say that Neptune is the furthest planet from the Sun – er, wasn’t Pluto reinstated – and stone me they’re based in Montreal – hell’s bell’s is anyone else developing for #wearabletech or not!!

the first standalone device of its kind. Pine features the ability to surf the web, make calls and text via the Android operating system without the need for a tethered phone or tablet. This attractive, well made, high quality smartwatch provides pure connectivity and unlike most others doesn’t require a phone. In addition, the Neptune Pine has its own suite of fitness apps, two cameras with flashes and is a fully functional smart watch.

SONY DSCIt’s been almost a year since they announced it and soon it’s going to start being delivered.  That takes patience from its backers – let’s hope it delivers on its promises.  What I do like about it is that they call it an experiment – excellent strategy! Shows a bit of humility 🙂

From the images it looks a bit of a lump, and in the world of will.i.am’s Puls that’s saying something!  Shoot, it’s even got a qwerty keyboard WTF!

However you look at it, the Neptune Pine makes a bold statement. Roll up your sleeves and experience the world at hand

I’ll say! But it’s something worth watching out for!

Next is a company based – hooray not in Montreal – but Budapest, Hungary, and San Diego, CA!  Liber8 Technology’s first 2 products contain advanced technologies such as e-ink display and an NFC chip that only consumes a tiny amount of energy to a level which allows it to operate without any external power source:


liber8_black_trans-webThey’ve announced a wristband the “Tago Arc” that users can change the pattern or picture on the display – BTW the display is the whole band!! Plus a photoframe – the “Tago Frame”.  Whilst neither of these grabs me particularly the technology is very interesting indeed. They are planning to start a Kickstarter project in February, 2015 – so watch this space!

I wonder which will be which?


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